Living with and caring for my grandparents in their old age

caring for my grandparentsI live with my grandparents. My grandparents are both in their late eighties and they are still relatively quite active despite their advanced age. They have a small farm that they run where my grandfather concentrates on managing some dairy goats while my grandmother concentrates with the managing the vegetable garden. The farm is run quite well with a lot of produce being shipped off to the market each morning.

I decided to however come and live with my grandparents since it was clearly evident that despite their continued success in their farming, they were also not as adept as they were before and they could not do all the things that they were doing before.

In the farm, there are several workers who do all the work and my grandparents’ work is to supervise the work and see that all the things are done accordingly. As they are aging, they are not as sharp as they were before and some of the things are slipping from them. They are also not as mobile as they were before and it is not very safe for them to drive especially due to their failing eyesight.

My grandparents are also all alone in their massive house in which my father and all his six siblings were raised in. As such, they are quite lonely in the expansive house.

My grandmother, who is still the one who is responsible for all household tasks is not as strong as she was before. She cannot manage to clean and cook and do all the household chores as efficiently as she did a few years ago. She therefore has a help who comes to clean the house and perform other outstanding duties every three days of the week. My grandmother is not comfortable having a full time house help living with them despite her failing abilities and the loneliness of the huge house.

This is why I decided to come and live with my grandparents. My grandparents had always asked me to move in with them but I was not quite sure about it until I saw their difficulties and I decided to move in.

I am a freelance writer working on an online platform and therefore I can comfortably continue working as I take care of my grannies.

One of the major things that I ensure is that my grandparents are always eating a healthy diet. In their old age, I ensure that they are having enough vitamins in their diet and adequate amounts of the other nutrients. I ensure that the kitchen larder is always stocked with fruits and fresh vegetables. I also ensure that they feed on healthy dishes such as hummus which has numerous health benefits that are good for them especially in their age.

I am also keen at observing that they are always taking their medication accordingly. Like many people in advanced age, my grandparents are constantly under medication to help with some of their conditions. I ensure that they never fail to take their required daily doses.