Hummus Humming with Health

HummusHummus is a delicious snack that is also healthy and easy to make. It can be a real challenge to find a snack that is good for you and also tastes great. Keep reading to learn more about hummus and why it is so good for you. You can also learn about apple cider vinegar and ways that it can benefit your health.


A few years ago, only the healthiest eaters even knew what hummus was—much less ate it on a regular basis. Now, the stuff practically takes up an entire section at the supermarket (despite the fact that a quarter of Americans still don’t know what hummus is). Here’s why the dip’s growing popularity is a good thing: People who regularly eat hummus tend to have smaller waists and healthier diets overall, a new study in the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences found.

The researchers pulled data about chickpea and hummus consumption from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and found that hummus eaters—63 percent of whom are female—take in 52 percent more fiber, 13 percent more good-for-you polyunsaturated fats (despite an overall lower intake of fat), and 20 percent less sugar than non-consumers. Plus, people who eat the chickpea-based dip are healthier eaters overall, packing in more servings of fruit, dark green veggies, and whole grains per day.

Not surprisingly, this translates to benefits you can see: Hummus fans’ waists are, on average, eight percent smaller than the waists of people who don’t eat the dip, the study found. They also tend to weigh less, even though they take in no fewer calories overall.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has the ability to help with stomach troubles and a number of other things. Sip some apple cider vinegar mixed with water. If a bacterial infection is at the root of your diarrhea, apple cider vinegar could help contain the problem, thanks to its antibiotic properties. What’s more, some folk remedy experts contend that apple cider vinegar contains pectin, which can help soothe intestinal spasms. Try mixing one or two tablespoons into water, or clear juice like apple juice.

It even has the ability to cure the hiccups. Take a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar; its sour taste could stop a hiccup in its tracks. One teen took the hiccup remedy further and created a lollipop that includes apple cider vinegar, which she says “cancels out the message to hiccup” by overstimulating the nerves in the throat responsible for the spasms.

Learning about the different foods you can eat to stay healthy will be beneficial to you for your long term health and well-being. It is always great when you find new ways to stay healthy.