How Facial Hair Can Be Groomed To Compliment Your Face

How Facial Hair Can Be Groomed To Compliment Your Face

Believe it or not, our faces can all be classified into some sort of type just like our bodies can. No matter how weirdly shaped your think your face is, I guarantee you that there is a facial hair style that can compliment it. One of the biggest turn offs for women is poor facial hair. It means you are trying very hard to be somebody that you’re not and frankly, that’s just not cool. Finding a facial hair style that fits your face and your personality is a crucial tip that can really get your style game up.

The first thing you need to do is determine what kind of face you have. Square faces have flat jawlines and when you smile, your face retains its boxy look with a broad forehead and squared chin. Square faces are discouraging, but only if you don’t know how to groom yourself to compliment it. A poor set of facial hair on a square face can really look bad! The overall goal with a square face is to make yourself appear less boxy and more sleek and slender. I wouldn’t go with anything too crazy, so keep everything very modest and clean. A trimmed beard with hard lines is a good look. Mustaches and goatees are also acceptable as long as they tightly kept and not allowed to grow out too long. A high quality razor is recommended for this.

For you circular faced people you need to appear less round and more oval. A plump, round face gives the impression that you are/were obese because of how small your head might be. Because round faces generally have very low distances between facial regions, side burns are often better left out of the picture. Sideburns will make you appear as if your jaw is virtually non existent on the side of your face. A circular beard is a good look as long as it is highly stylized. Beards are a dangerous thing with a round head, but is acceptable as long as it with hard lines and kept very short. If you need a model for this, just take a look at Kanye West. He has a very round head but his facial hair gives it a masculine, elongated look that appears much more natural and neat. Getting hard lines and a tight trim can be very difficult with any sort of razor that is not electric or high quality. I would recommend getting a Pansonic or a Philips for this cut.

Last but not least we come to the rectangle/oblong face. This sort of face style appears to be very slender and angular with a prominent forehead but a more rigid jawline and chin. The overall goal here is appear more oval and less drawn out. A nice beard will help take attention away from the forehead and more on the facial features on the lower half of the face. Having a mustache without a beard should be against your better judgment here. With a rectangle face, it would be acceptable to let the beard fill itself out a little more; definitely more so than the other two facial types.

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