Choosing a suitable birthday gift for my small bro that will help him eat healthy

birthday gift

Next week my small brother will be celebrating his birthday. This is a major day for me. I have always been very keen on observing all of my brother’s special days.  I am desperately trying to figure out what birthday present I will buy for him this time.

Although I call him small bro, he is not small in any way. He is a big burly fellow of twenty seven years. He is however and will always be my small bro. He is my only sibling and for a long time he was my closest friend while growing up.

Being four years older than him, I was often given the responsibility of looking after him. I would hold his hand while going to school and I would even protect him from bullies. I would help him with his homework and many other little things that he would have trouble with. As such, I developed a mild maternal bond with him that has refused to go away even now that we are adults.

I am now married with my own family. I have two kids, a boy of five and a girl of two and a half years. Despite the responsibilities of looking out for my family, I am also still very keen on looking out for my small bro. We live in the same town – our town of birth. We have grown in this town, studied in this town, worked in this town, and I got married in this town.

My brother is a computer nerd and he works in a local company as a programmer. He lives on the other side of town and sometimes when I find time over the weekends I drive over to visit him since he is always indoors on his computer. He is not very social and his best friends are his computers. Apart from visiting us, I don’t think he has any other friends he visits.

Despite always staying at home, my brother – like many men who are like him – seldom cooks. There is a diner close to where he lives from which he orders most of his food. I often think he chose the house due to its proximity to the diner.

Last year, on his birthday, I bought him a very good automatic rice cooker in a bid of encouraging him to be cooking some of his own food. At first he was using it but after some time I noticed the dust on the kitchen appliance which was a clear indication of it not being used. He had gone back to ordering his meals.

I am concerned about this trend of him ordering for all his meals and I would want him to be eating some healthier food. This time I think I will buy him an immersion blender as his birthday present. He can be using it to make some healthy smoothies which will supplement his ordered meals from which it seems he cannot desist. I want to buy him an immersion blender rather than the traditional table top blender which would discourage him from using it due to its difficulty in cleaning.