5 Weekend Kitchen Fixes

kitchen-appliancesThe cabinets are ugly. The counter is dated. When you turn on your food processor you fear a street-long black out, that on the right night could most likely turn into the whole city. It’s time for a kitchen makeover.

What can you feasibly change over a weekend, though?

So many things can be done to improve any part of your home, especially a kitchen, in a reasonable amount of time. You can change hardware on cabinets, sand and stain them, add a piece of furniture, buy a new appliance and so many more.

1. Add or create artwork

Think of all the different things you have in your kitchen. The utensils alone could probably constitute their own working art installation. Hang up your pots and pans for a (hopefully) colorful addition to the walls.

Even just buying a piece of art to add to the walls can add a whole new dimension to your kitchen – it could even inspire further weekend changes! Maybe you’ll even paint your own piece.

2. Buy a new appliance

It seems a little boring, but a new appliance can be just the change you need to feel like you’ve updated your kitchen. Buying something like a rice cooker can change how you interact with your kitchen completely.

These little buggers can do almost everything. There are so many options for rice cookers that there’s no excuse to not have one on your kitchen counter!

3. Change the hardware on your cabinets

Do you have a screwdriver? Do you know where your local hardware store is? Well, then there’s nothing stopping you from changing the hardware of your cabinets.

Go to the hardware store, pick out some interesting knob pulls and change it up! It has to be one of the simplest and cheapest ways to update your kitchen look. You can change color, size, shape, texture – the entire feel of your kitchen with just a few screws and a bit of time!

4. Re-organize

If you’ve lived in your house for any extended period of time then you know how easy it is to collect lots of little kitchen gadgets here and there. They end up in drawers, cabinets and strewn about the counter.

Buy a few new canisters or bins and organize things by color, shape or function. If you can find new drawer organizers, then you can even free up space on your countertop, too.

5. Buy an island

If you have the space, this is a slightly more expensive option that can completely change the layout of your kitchen. Adding an island creates an extra hangout space as well as counter and storage space!

Not to mention, they can be absolutely beautiful.

There are probably too many ways to fix up your kitchen. For a few more pieces of advice check out this Huffington Post article: Inexpensive Ways to Fix Up Your Kitchen.