5 Grooming Tips For You To Look Your Best

5 Grooming Tips For You To Look Your Best

Sometimes the clothes on your back, the car you drive, and the house you live in do not paint an accurate picture as to what kind of man you are. Instead, the way you groom yourself and the way you clean up seems to be a way better representation. If you’re a slob in the grooming department then it is time you learn a few grooming tips so you can look your best. Even if you don’t have the nicest clothes, the most expensive car, or the biggest house, you can still look confident, mature, and clean by following these tips.

A good place to start is your body. If you’re like me, you can’t grow chest hair to save your life. This is nice though because I never have to worry about it; however, some women find a little chest hair to be attractive. But that’s the thing – it’s chest hair, not back hair. If you have a forest growing on your back then you better take all actions necessary to cut that forest down. Taking care of your back hair and other excessive hair is the first time looking neat and smooth.

The most obvious place for grooming is your head. Your hair-do can really say a lot about your personality, so make sure it does accurately portray that. If you’re a relaxed person with a calm personality and reserved attitude then make sure you don’t have spiked-up cartoon hair; you will send off the wrong message. Getting your hair trimmed or cut on a regular basis is one of the best tips I can offer. Constantly changing how long you go between appointments can really confuse a lot of people and it makes it look like you lack confidence. Sticking to a style and keeping with it is a fantastic tip.

Just like your the hair on your head, the hair on your face follows a very similar outline. Make it match you. Your facial hair can really transform the way you look and appear to others; this makes maintaining it and constantly keeping it up and under control that much more crucial. One of the biggest pieces of advice I give is this: if you can’t grow a beard, don’t grow one. It’s that simple. Yes, beards are “cool”, but only nice beards give that effect. You do NOT get effort points for growing a patchy beard. Chances are if you can’t grove a nice field of facial hair then you probably look better clean and without facial hair anyways. I would highly recommend getting a nice electric shaver for this.

So let’s talk about the land down under – pubes. This seems to be the area that most men have no clue about. Many guys think going all natural and not trimming pubic hair is attractive and manly, but reality is that the other gender does not think so. Some women don’t like any pubes at all, but chances are having a trimmed field of grass is the way to go. A crotch-jungle is what you have to avoid at all times; no woman wants to dig through the forest to find the treasure.

And last but not least: never go out into public without looking nice. This is such an important tip because men are lazy and some even think that looking sleazy is attractive. Running a comb through your hair, trimming your facial hair, and taking care of excess body/facial hair creates the picture that you are a disciplined man who is ready to take on the world.

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