Thursday, September 21, 2017

Living with and caring for my grandparents in their old age

caring for my grandparents

I live with my grandparents. My grandparents are both in their late eighties and they are still relatively quite active despite their advanced age. They have a small farm that they run where my grandfather concentrates on managing some dairy goats while my grandmother concentrates with the managing the vegetable garden. The farm is run quite well with a lot of produce being shipped off to the market each morning. I decided to however come and live with my grandparents since it was clearly evident that despite their continued success in their farming, they were also not as adept as…

Spirulina 3

Facts or Myths?

As for the rest of the miraculous stuff you often hear, most of it is TBD. For now, the majority of these claims haven’t been studied. 1. It improves...
Dyson DC41 2

The Cleaning Hero

If you have a pet in the home, then it is important to find the best vacuum for pet hair. It will take a bit of research and effort,...
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Kayaks that Don’t Give Up!

If you need an affordable boat to handle a wide variety of uses, the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak is an excellent choice. Here’s some reasons why: Affordable – The...

Kayaking: Living on the Edge

Imagine yourself blasting down a white water river — spray flying everywhere and your heart beating like a drum. Or imagine yourself on a mirror-smooth lake at dawn, slicing...

What to Invest in First Kayak?

Beginner’s think they can use their intuition to buy a kayak that’s right for them. Like moths to a flame they end up attracted to the least seaworthy, most...
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